urbhanize2Un nuovissimo programma di fitness con musica Hip Hop. Coreografie semplici, innovative per una routine da Urlo!!


Mr. Hunk


In esclusiva Italiana Instructor Hank presenterà URBHANIZE.


Hank, presenter internazionale Turco, arriva all’FSB Show dalla Germania, paese in cui vive.




Urbhanize® is a dance fitness program based on the urban moves from street dance and Hip-Hop.
Urbhanize® is combining the coolest moves with rocking hot Hip-Hop Music, adding high cardio elements from the Pakistani/Indian folk Dance Bhangra. The format of Urbhanize® is very easy to follow and to teach, and will for sure get People into that groovy and happy feeling, while working up a great sweat.
Through Urbhanize® you will have the opportunity to express a cool attitude while feeling and following the great vibes and beat from the funky Music. You will feel a high, pumping endorphins, and increased heart rate, which will benefit you both psysically and mentally!


locandina urbanhize

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